'Appaavin Meesai' is a Tamil feature film made by debut director Rohini Molleti. The narrative moves with the  protagonist 'Bala' hailing from Purisai coming to work in a sweet factory in Kolkatta. ​​

Bala loses his hard earned money in the railway station while going back to his village. He vows to catch the thief and get back his money.  

 The story of the film is sparked by a true incident.

Director's note
'Appaavin Meesai' demanded the visual texture of a village in Tamil Nadu as well as a busy city like Kolkatta. Purisai in Kanchipuram district provided the necessary rawness of a village and  Kolkatta, being one of the few cities which has retained its old world charm and maintains its status as a worthy competitor for the other growing metropolitans in India, added character. ​​

Gorilla shoots of Kolkatta railway station and streets bolts one into reality untouched. The ambience proving to be unique, my belief in sync sound is re inforced. 

With extremely talented and acclaimed actors and technicians in my team, I present my first feature film.

DOP Alphonse Roy's note
What attracted me to the film was its original story. The film has perfect casting and is a realistic take on events. The emphasis was only on documenting emotions. Priority was given to storytelling. It is an authentic and honest film in every word. 


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Nithya Menen
Hari Prasad
 state award winner and a talent to cherish plays 'Sunanda'. Besides giving a sensitive performance Nithya also sang a song in the film
Bala, a happy child of a folk artist is forced to grow up soon due to circumstances is played by  'Therukoothu' performer Hari Prasad. His raw emotions take one effectively through the narrative.
renowned director, writer, actor and producer Cheran plays an unassuming Vinoba with strong conviction.
  ​a theatre actor, played the protagonist in the film 'Veyil' first Tamil film to be screened at Cannes. He plays the father. Brings forth a dignified actor believing artists continuing to sing in spite of dark times.
Salim Kumar
the much appreciated National award winner for the film 'Aathaminte magan Abu' an Oscar nominated film, dons an important part in Appaavin Meesai.  The ever surprising performer adds effortless depth to the role ' Kolappan'
theatre actor, director, four times state award winner Nasser adds shades of gray to the film. His voice and gestures are unmatched.


Director  - Rohini

Director of Photography -  Alphonse Roy

....started as child artist, won National award of special mention for best actress for the film 'Stri'. Rohini has written, directed short films and documentaries. 'Appaavin Meesai ' is her debut film. She wrote the story and co-written the dialogues for the film.
...renowned wild life documentary film maker and a successful cinematographer.  His eye for capturing the real enhances the narration.

Sound designer - Resul pukutty

Editor - Sreekar Prasad

the Academy Award winner designs the sound for 'Appaavin Meesai '. Under the  deft handling of Resul the film has sync sound. 
  ​...is a prolific National award winning editor. Won national award eight times. His aesthetics add grace to the film.

Music - Achu

Writer - Iyyappan Maharajan

...a short story writer with rural roots has penned the  dailogues along with  Rohini. 
...A new talent with amazing promise. Achu laces the film with the music of the land.
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